SFL Friday -- Your Roseanne Hitler Weekend Roundup

Well kids, we're here again -- the end of another work week, this time filled with pay cuts and job losses. And even some BigFirm anxiety (except for you, Greenberg Gal).

Still, as always, there are silver linings.

For example, I understand a position may have opened up within the legal department at Goldman Sachs. That's one job right there.

Also, Florida is number one at something again, so that's good.

See, things are looking up....

And lookee here, what a surprise -- they've reached a deal in the UBS case before Judge Gold!

(Gene, now you really have no excuse for breaking our lunch date next week.)

Hmm, I can see from my office window that the waves are kicking up, so you all will have to excuse me as I have some early afternoon windsurfing requiring my immediate attention.

This weekend I will probably also spend some time getting my head around this, checking out this cool art exhibit, and -- of course -- avoiding the sneezing duck. It goes without saying I'm going to mature like rock star, too.

That plus lots of fun things to put your hands on around town and it all adds up to another glorious South Florida weekend.

What are you waiting for?

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