Bowman Brown Recounts Stanford Anecdote For Last Person in Miami Unaware of Story

I suppose there is a small possibility somebody somewhere has not yet heard Bowman Brown recount his nearly perfect Gore Vidal-level anecdote regarding R. Allen Stanford.

For example, maybe somebody living under a rock (highway underpass?), or somebody who just came out of a coma, or a recently-freed prisoner from a notorious French penal colony, somebody like that.

For that last person, there is this:
Bowman Brown, a partner at Shutts & Bowen in Miami, had limited dealings with Stanford when he came to Miami to hire a lawyer. Brown looked at Stanford’s plan and dismissed it.

“I sat down and talked to him. What he had in mind was not plausible,” Brown said. “It wasn’t something I wanted to be involved in.”

Stanford ended up hiring Miami’s Greenberg Traurig law firm instead. The firm did not respond to questions about its involvement with Stanford.

“After having declined to represent him, I followed the development of Stanford carefully,” Brown said. “I was astounded he was able to develop what he did without any apparent impediments.” Brown’s firm shared a downtown office building with Stanford’s Miami branch.
For those of you keeping score, we have only covered this single Bowman Brown anecdote ten times -- here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Now, if somebody would just ask Lew Freeman about the Titanic, my work here would be done.

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