PACER Surfing With Pleasure P!

You all know how much I love music.

That's why I found this case involving hot young R&B hearthrob Marcus Cooper a/ka/ "Pleasure P" so interesting.

Cooper, a Miami native and former member of the raunchy local group Pretty Ricky, has struck out on his own and from the reviews on Amazon, he's got a pretty bright future.

(Except let me repeat my earlier advice -- don't work blue, P.)

Too bad he's embroiled in your typical manager/young artist label dispute which is now pending before Magistrate Judge Garber.

Having read a bunch of the pleadings, it has been very contentious. The lawyers have been fighting over remand, fees, deposition dates and locations, extensions of time, requests for sanctions, you name it.

Take, for example, this opening from Cooper's reply brief in support of his motion for summary judgment:
Defendants’ opposition brief is like watching a New York street hustler fleece an unwitting tourist in a game of three-card Monte. Throughout this litigation Counterclaim Defendants have consistently demonstrated their total disregard of the governing law and the truth.
Uhh, ok.

I also like this excerpt:
Moreover, there is no credibility to their cookie-cutter statement concerning Rex Zamor. Corey Mathis testified that Zamor didn’t actually do anything as “manager.” Mathis Tr., p. 53-54. His precise words were “He ain't do shit.” Id., p. 54, line 8.
You know, brevity truly is the soul of wit.

Cooper is represented by NY attorney Robert Meloni and local counsel Richard Celler of Morgan & Morgan.

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