Finally, Good News About GrayRobinson!

Hi kids, it's Monday all over again -- hope you had a nice three-day weekend, celebrating the violent, bloody birth of our nation -- plus hot dogs and fireworks!

Did you catch this story by Alana Roberts on more cuts at Ruden?

I like this part best:
The attorney said talk at the firm is that Ruden is $4 million to $6 million behind its budget goals for the year. The attorney said morale at the firm has declined because of the job and pay cuts and uncertainty about whether there will be more and added that many of the firm’s lawyers are searching for other jobs.

“Everybody from the bottom up thinks it’s a matter of time for them; you don’t know what to believe,” the attorney said.
Now that's the kind of work environment that brings out the best in an attorney -- uncertainty, rumors, fear, a sense of impending doom -- keeps people on their toes, I always say.

Meanwhile, here's an actual positive story about GrayRobinson and attorney Kevin P. Kelly, who gets the love in a Sunday NYT piece(!) on one of his cases.

I knew if I did this long enough this day would come.

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