Car bashing

We have previously discussed the sillyness of the politicization of the GM and Chrysler bailouts. These car proxy wars were approached by anti-union bloggers as serious life or death struggles in the war against advancing socialism. Ridiculous! More after the jump
Much of the blame for American carmakers troubles was cast on labor. Now it seems the crow has been caught, cooked and served. Yesterday, J.D. Power and Associates initial quality ranking found domestic cars had fewer problems than foreign ones. This is the first time that has happened since 1980. The domestic auto industry is recovering, in part due to labor/managment cooperation, and in part due to quality improvement. GM also announced 9 of its 11 assembly plants will forgo normal summer shut downs in order to meet increased demands. Full disclosure here, I have owned a GM car my entire adult life. I think bashing domestic vehicles is unjustified and largely political.

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