Ricci And Hemingway, Attorneys At Law?

Did anyone take a look at the inside first page of the new June Florida Bar Journal?

There's none other than Ed Ricci, standing shoulder to shoulder and arm-in-arm with Ernest Hemingway, someone who I thought at one point was in fact dead (not you, Ed).

Note that Ed and Big Ernie's signatures appear right next to the photograph, thus certifying its authenticity, or seal of approval, or that the big-game hunt is still on, I'm not sure.

Now that is some cool marketing. You got the rights from the Hemingway family and all, just to run an Bar-approved ad depicting you right next to Papa in the FBJ? Wow.

In fact, Ed's extraordinary ad has inspired me, and I have submitted to the Bar my own version for their approval, in which I am struggling to prop up a hairy, drunk, vomit-ridden, out of his head Jim Morrison.


I kinda like it -- what do you think?

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