New Local Rule -- All South Florida Lawyers Must Have Something To Do With Chinese Drywall.

If I hear the words "Chinese Drywall" one more time I will pull a Carver, or a Shumie, or something and heads will roll.

For the love of God please don't send me things like this:
Attorney C. David Durkee, partner with the Florida law firm Roberts & Durkee, announced the scheduling of a town hall meeting in Lake Worth, Fla., to discuss possible toxic Chinese drywall in the community as well as other communities throughout Florida. Durkee, who is filing a series of lawsuits on behalf of homeowners who say the Chinese-made drywall is causing health issues and damaging their homes and belongings, will answer questions at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 19, at the Holiday Inn West Palm Beach - Turnpike, 7859 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, Fla., 33467. The event is free and open to the public. Attorney Wayne S. Kreger, partner with the national law firm Milstein, Adelman & Kreger, based in Santa Monica, Calif., will help lead the town meeting. Kreger is handling California class-action suits concerning toxic Chinese drywall and collaborating with Durkee and other attorneys nationwide.
Unless "Chinese Drywall" is some euphemism for "feminine tannins" (which incidentally I also hope is a euphemism) keep me the hail away from it, and the litigation too.

Have fun Judge Moore and the two hundred or so lawyers involved in this monstrosity!

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